There are four types of babies born into the world. There’s one we call the genius baby. If you’ve seen one or are one, you probably had your first prototype at 7yrs of age, let’s make that 5, and the genius behind it was undeniable so much so that Microsoft actually bought into it. The journey that followed was of a baby who fixed all the broken switches and gadgets in the hood that were down with *insert a technical scientific term* until SpaceX happened. That’s gotta be our baby number one.

Then we have the passionate babies. These ones started doing pretty random things right from day one. It could be pulling their mothers’ hair and wondering why they shrieked when it came off or even why it came off in the first place or pressing all the random buttons, drawing on the walls and kicking things they found on their Path. The result? They quickly discovered they could sing, draw or hell, play football. Perhaps it’s the passion or maybe these parents’ babies actually saw something outstanding that needed to be supported and supporting they did, big-time.

Then there goes the insta-babies. Yeah, the famous ones that got like 10m likes in a couple of days after gracing the world with their presence. Does it help that their parents are actually famous? Yeah, i think it made all the difference. The very next week? Pampers or Disney world decided they were the babies they’ve been waiting for and they had exactly the right face or whatever for their commercials. You can call it destiny or luck, but it doesn’t matter. All these babies now get to live an ‘effortless’ life.

Not to be forgotten are the ‘normal’ babies. The babies who grew up in the system and through the system. So no special inventions, no nurtured talents, no celeb parents, you see, just normal babies. By the way this is where the majority of us lie, in case you were wondering why you were left out. So these babies dutifully went to primary school and then high school. Others made it to university but then they all ended up in the job market possibly with the form four drop-outs as their employers or a couple of smart guys, who knows.

Nevertheless, the learned comrades who got employed by the drop-outs started getting weird ideas that the system was rigged. Like with all their education, they ended up working for someone who could not ‘level up’ to their academic qualifications. Either way, they abided by the system because they recently got a special someone and now the babies were on their way and bills don’t pay themselves.

So the first three babies grew and continued being super-babies. Doing all the things that the normal babies did like going to school but doing it at a whole other level and with reckoning zeal. They became so good at what they did and became unstoppable. As for the ‘normal’ babies, school was just school. Some were complacent and decided to do the bare minimum of what they had to do to survive through life and get to the next stage of life after the next and then making their exit still wondering, “What was it all for?”

For a good number though, the normal baby syndrome caught up. Like slowly but steadily but it finally caught up. Have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “Hellen, you are too normal a baby to be normal.” Have you ever wondered what is special about you? Or what purpose you serve or can serve with special insight only attributed to you?

What have you always done that you thought to yourself, “This is so me!” You feel kinda excited about it, you feel like you could make a unique contribution and you feel like you could grow with it as well as make it grow. Maybe it’s something you need to get better at and maybe it’s not something that has never been done before but your touch and special insight on how to do it, why it should be done and what will make it better makes it your thing. It makes it the thing you’re born to do.

You can be sure there ain’t just four types of babies. There are many babies. Some get to the place of satisfaction and excellence in life because of their ambition and hard work, others because of their winning charisma, others because of their artistic sense and so on. In short, everyone for who they are and their ability to get better at it and use it. Those who prosper indeed are those who hack the system. Those who are willing to turn normal into extraordinary. We can all be super babies.