Rumors have it that I smile a lot and that’s probably because I do smile a heck lot. I am naturally very diverse. One day I am running my firm and the next I just want to wander into the woods, write some lines, play some chords and connect with some great people. It’s how I live my life. Like I can do anything I want in life and be everything I am.

I live for new dreams, better realities and refreshing experiences. In a world full of norms, necessities and ruled by conventions, I just can be a breath of fresh air and take my stand and if not to inspire the same in others, to die an exhausted soul that actually lived.

I love writing because it is a powerful way of expression. I tend to feel very strongly about different concepts of life and when I write, I can search my thoughts and my heart. From this, i express different situations or realities of life that though I may not have experienced them all myself, are heartfelt.

All that is what this blog is for me; a creative outlet to share my thoughts, my stories, my experiences, my inspirations and my journey. I am also really into hearing about your thoughts, stories, experiences and motivations in life, so do share and let’s engage. As you read through my blog, I hope you find my work defining for you as it is for me. Also feel free to share with your friends! Cheers!